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The PACK RAT® was my first choice because there are numerous sizes available—I could even choose the height of the box. I opted for black, but I love all the finishes it comes in. It mounts flat in my bed, and there’s one giant rollout drawer with dividers. There are four long sections that can be broken down into smaller spaces if needed. The PACK RAT® works great to secure my tools, fishing gear, ratchet straps, tow straps and all sorts of other valuable odds and ends that I’d rather keep in my box than in my cab. I have two kids who are constantly in and out of my truck, so cab space is a big deal for me. That’s why I prefer to have a storage box that’s secure in the back of my truck. Despite its size, the drawer pulls out remarkably smoothly, and I love that I can haul stuff on top of the box without damaging it—up to 750 lbs. of stuff! I ordered my PACK RAT® at www.mytruckbox.com . The site has a super-simple toolbox selection tool. I just entered the make and size of my truck.


Check to see that the flame rod is operational and in the correct position. If not, reposition or replace it. Check to see that the burner is working well. The cause of low water pressure may be low gas levels. This happens when the heater lowers the flow of water to heat the water to selected temperatures. As such, ensure there are optimum gas pressure levels. Confirm that there’s adequate water pressure getting into the heater Check to see that they’re no obstructions in the major components; pipes, fixtures, and filter As you’ve just seen, most problems arise mainly from the heating system or the flow of water. Some correctional tasks like setting your preferred water temperatures, opening the water taps and gas valves, and flushing doesn’t require professional knowledge. You can easily save your bucks here if you’re a DIY enthusiast.


For sheer scale, nothing found in a sewage line can top London’s infamous “Fatberg” . A rock-solid mass comprised of hardened cooking oil and sanitary products, the “Fatberg” weighed in at 130 tons—about the scale of a blue whale.. It took an eight person crew working seven days a week to remove the blockage, hauling off 20-30 tons each day. The discovery unsurprisingly led to a “Bin it—don’t block it” campaign encouraging Londoners to properly dispose of their used cooking oil and sanitary wipes. Remember, just because a wipe claims to be “flushable” doesn’t mean it won’t cause damage to your pipes . Believe it or not, discovering unexploded artillery in sewage lines is not as rare as one might think (or hope). Mortar shells have been discovered in drains across the world, including the United States (Nashville), the UK (Blackpool), and India (Jammu). Fortunately, the explosives were safely disarmed in each case. No, not a toy car, a real car. Or at least half of one. A widespread sweep to clear Gordontheplumber.com Elmhurst Illinois 60126 out blockages in London’s sewer lines in 2014 found one line clogged up by half a Mini automobile.


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