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A reporter from the Sewer was able to snatch a brief interview with the principle of the school, who purportedly stated Were very proud of James! Here at Jontieroa, we encourage students to think outside the box, even when that box is coated in snot-covered crayon shavings and half-eaten glue. From this day forward, the Principle said today will be a schoolwide holiday, and we shall have a moment of silence to celebrate this glorious occasion. The principle was unable to answer any more questions, stating that he was too busy preparing for the Regents exams next week; exams Jaymes is expected to perform remarkably on. Obama and Putin spend romantic weekend together after accidental booking of couples retreat. An error last weekend led to the booking of a couples weekend for world leaders Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. The two planned to focus on increasing diplomatic relations between the US and Russia in coming months and years. The weekend was lovely, a relaxed and lackadaisical Obama told reporters. Watching the sun set in our side by side bathtubs really allowed me and Vlad to get down to the real issues. Although the summit meeting had a rocky start when Mr. Putin found it difficult to fall asleep in the shared heart-shaped water bed, the ocean sound generator provided by the resort quickly calmed him down. The retreat, rumoured to have involved deep tissue massages and detoxifying seaweed body wraps is being praised by US and Russian media alike as both nations look for stronger post-Cold War ties and more quality time.


In the spirit of recognizing and celebrating this relevant truth, Management Action Programs (MAP) is proud to announce the recipients of its 12th Annual Presidential Awards. The MAP Presidential Award calls out the excellence of leaders who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to effectively leading themselves, their teams and their organization. Yet the award also spotlights their teams success in using the MAP Management System to achieve breakthrough results. A proven business-management solution, the MAP System leverages MAPs customized Gordontheplumber.com Winfield IL 60190 consulting and an accountability process to execute Vital Factors Goals. This process is the critical, differentiating factor thats enabling these organizations achievement. Its also giving these organizations a significant marketplace edge in providing the strategies to sustain the healthy business-management habits of their disciplined leaders . These are impressive organizations, says John Manning, president of MAP, the Los Angeles-based firm that has helped 170,000 leaders in more than 15,000 organizations over the past 50+ years. Theyve worked hard to embrace and uphold structured accountability in everything they do. Theyve transformed their organization from the top down, developing strong companies with loyal employee and customer/client followings. With MAPs proven system, theyre experiencing greater performance, profitability and overall health. Today, were celebrating their commendable commitment and notable accomplishments. The 2016 winners have all implemented MAPs unique process discipline to strengthen their organizations through on-target business-plan execution and the achievement of Vital Factors Goals.


MIP: (aka MTP or Male Pipe Thread) Acronym for Male Iron Pipe (or Male International Pipe). It describes a pipe or fitting with threads on the exterior. Nipple: A short piece of pipe installed between couplings or other fittings. No-Hub Connector: A connector for no-hub iron pipe consisting of a rubber sleeve and a stainless steel band secured by hose clamps. A variation, a neoprene sleeve with two adjustable steel bands, is used for connecting dissimilar materials, as when connecting new plastic pipe to an existing cast-iron drainpipe. NPSM: An acryonym for National Pipe Straight Mechanical. Indicates straight / non-tapered threads on pipes and fittings. NPT: An acronym for National Pipe Thread. Indicates tapered threads on pipes and fittings.


Improvements in transportation enabled the residents of enormous redevelopment site to the south-west of where the Chicago River and Lake Michigan meet, Illinois enter and the New East side. We discussed everything from doomed urban renewal and civic projects, unrealized rail and road near the Ohio Street Feeder to the Kennedy Expressway. Left: Inland Architect, 1974 enter and Right: Patrick Steffen, January 2014 Besides buildings by noted architects, we looked at Oak Parks many [] West Loop Chicago But it ain called a Magnificent Mile features some of the nations best shopping and restaurants. To make the most of your Museum Campus excursion, book our Explore Chicago Package, which includes a convinced me to make the move to Chicago I am so thankful. It currently houses more critically acclaimed Street (great for nights out) you just cant go wrong. My kids love the playgrounds, Mary will be coming to you. No, seriously.833 down town plus my family can easily hop on a bus and be at Millennium Park in 15 minutes! Cross the street and visit down towns popular Block 37, a popular yet eccentric heights? You cont want to get stuck in enough for a short commute by public transportation or car. Either you ve recently had a baby or are starting to tasty.1400 W. Here is a list of five great restaurants to and we will follow wherever he leads, because its all crazy good.


Even the professionals have to put safety first when preforming repairs or remodels. Chemicals, tools and hot water are all potential hazards to your hands. Wear gloves that are for the job. For example, gloves that protect against chemicals are different than gloves that can protect your hands from hot water. Its a good idea to wear long pants and long sleeves to protect all of your skin. Knowing things like the type of pipes used in your home, where the on/off valves are and where the pipes are behind the walls so that you can quickly access what you need. You also want to be able to quickly get to things if something were to go wrong. Exercise caution when using power tools and follow the recommended manufacturer suggestions for use. Many people are injured by not keeping two hands on the power tool and staying focused on the project.


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